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The following are photos of patients who have received treatment from Dr. Zussman for a variety of periodontal conerns.

Gingival Asymmetry:

Gingival Asymmetry

These photographs show a pre surgical and six week post surgical view of a patient with severe gingival asymmetry. Surgery was completed to correct the contours of the gum tissue and length of the teeth. The patient went on to have veneer restorations (not pictured) which led to a great aesthetic improvement of the smile.

Gummy Smile:

Gummy Smile

This patient was very unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile and the contours of the gum tissue and teeth. I completed a surgery to address her "gummy" smile and correct the asymmetry of her gum tissue. This surgery was followed by veneers and porcelain crowns which were completed by her general dentist.

Gingival Cleft/Gum Recession:

Gingival Cleft

In this patient a connective tissue graft was used to treat the deep gingival cleft and gum recession. The procedure enhanced the aesthetics, augmented the firm tissue as well as provided root coverage. The cleft was completely resolved subsequent to the procedure.

Gingival Tissue Loss:

Gingival Soft Tissue Graft

This patient had a Gingival Soft Tissue Graft on the first molar to augment the lost tissue and prevent against continued breakdown.

Gum Recession and Exposed Roots:

AlloDerm Graft

This is a before and after shot of a patient whom received an AlloDerm connective tissue graft. The procedure provided thicker, more healthy gum tissue and some root coverage of the tooth surfaces.

Fractured Tooth:


This patient fractured a tooth. As a result the tooth was removed and replaced with a single implant. The implant was placed at the time of the extraction and the implant crown followed approximately six months later.

Periodontal Disease/Bone Loss:

Fixed Bridge Restorations

These photographs show a patient with advanced periodontal disease and bone loss. This led to the removal of the four upper and lower front teeth (Incisors). They were then replaced with dental implants which support fixed bridge restorations.

Periodonal Disease/Tooth Loss:

Fixed Hybrid Appliance

This patient had advanced bone loss from long standing untreated Periodontal Disease. He did not want to wear a conventional, removable, full denture. I completed multiple extractions and dental implants which were restored by his dentist with a "Fixed Hybrid Appliance." There is reconstruction of the lost gum tissue with pink material to mimic what is missing.


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